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All of our teachers bring valuable experience and dedication to the classroom. We work on bringing the best individualized educational experience. We keep our class sizes small so that our instructors can work with each student one on one.

Our incredible team is truly the heart of Art Haus. It’s their dedication, passion and artistic talent that keeps students invested in the learning process. Take a look below to learn more about the team.




Adult Pottery Teacher

Stephanie Hillman has always loved the arts, specializing in watercolor and ceramics, she has been creating art her entire life and studied both mediums extensively through local art schools and programs as a child and young adult.  She has participated in and helped run many local art festivals and events and has a large connection within the art community in Salt Lake. Stephanie has been a professional artist and teacher for 16 years and loves sharing her knowledge through teaching, which prompted her to open her own art school in 2016. Her business, Art Haus, focuses on offering high quality art classes to children and adults focusing on pottery, painting and drawing. With the success of opening her school, Stephanie was accepted into the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program and completed her business certification in 2021 which helped her grow her business into one of the largest art schools in Salt Lake. Art Haus has become more than just a school, but an amazing studio of artists and instructors who inspire creativity and bring a sense of community to the city. Stephanie has also worked with local non profits through volunteering and donating her time as a board member to bring the arts to the underserved communities in Salt Lake. Art is an essential part of the human experience and Stephanie believes that everyone deserves to have equal access to the arts. 

When Stephanie is not running her business or creating, she spends most of her time outdoors. Her favorite activities are hiking, backing, skiing, and generally just spending as much time out in nature along with her rescue dog, Gabe. 



Studio Manager
Adult Pottery Teacher

My name is HB. My whole life I have been creating art. I started creating music when I was 8 and continued to pursue music until I graduated high school. While I was in college I was desperate for an art outlet so I started wheel throwing to fulfill an art credit and I have been hooked ever since. Art Haus is the perfect place to make art and make friends. Art Haus is such a wonderful community and I am so happy to have spent over 2 years here.



Adult Pottery Teacher

Hi! I’m Jessica, and I teach Try It Out Pottery Classes. Full disclosure: I’m a huge nerd about clay! I started working with clay in high school as a sophomore, then took the advanced class as a senior. My school didn’t have wheels, though, and I started throwing in 2008 as an adult. I haven’t stopped since! All the dishes in my house are handmade, and my work is spread throughout the country. I’ve sold pottery to Etsy customers in almost every US state since 2018, and my large family gets pottery for every gift-giving occasion. In 2020 I completed a 20-piece commission project for a film series that premiers sometime in 2022, so I’ll soon be a credited artist on a movie production! There’s a pottery wheel on my patio (three stories up), and at least one bucket of clay that needs to be recycled in my living room at any given moment. The pottery studio is my happy place, and I’m so glad to be here!



Children's Art Teacher

Hello, hello! I’m Alysa and I teach kids drawing and painting. My mom likes to say she’s known I was an artist since I was three years old, and she isn’t wrong. Most of my earliest, happiest memories include some sort of artistic endeavor or art museum. The passion I had made it an easy decision to go to college to study art and get my bachelor’s degree in illustration. I have since collaborated on and created installations for events, painted signs and murals for a popular grocery store chain, and pursued my own personal work using traditional and digital media.  Through all of these exciting opportunities, I found myself missing the learning environment I had while I was in college, so I moved to California for a temporary art teaching opportunity. I loved it so much, and am so happy to be back doing it again in a studio as fun and magical as Art Haus!

Art Haus Photo.jpg


Adult Pottery Teacher

I am a pottery instructor at Art Haus in Salt Lake City. I have practiced oil painting, printmaking, welding and ceramics. You can visit my website at
I started doing pottery in high school, I struggled with the wheel but found a love for hand building. I always had an interest in the arts starting with music at a young age. 
After high school I withdrew myself from art. Only when I found myself at Weber State University, in 2014 I found myself back exploring the visual arts. After encouragement from a professor I changed my major to the fine arts, and I finally learned how to throw, and I spent most of my semester helping the new students with their first week of throwing and friends who didn’t trust themselves on the wheel. While being a student, I have worked in an art gallery as an assistant, and as the director of the Shepherd Union Art Gallery. I graduated from the program in 2018, after having many work experiences in the pottery studio at Weber State.
I have always found pottery to be meditative and relaxing. It is something I hope to pass on to my students.



Children's Art Teacher

My entire life I've been interested in art. After graduating I got married, had my own children, and put my art dreams on hold. I never thought art would be something I could do for a living.
Throughout the last 10 years I've been teaching preschoolers, kids, young adults with ASD, and adults.
When Covid started I knew I needed to spend time doing something that made me happy. I started to draw and paint again and to my surprise, selling art pieces regularly. 
Art is so therapeutic for children and adults. Anyone can be an "artist" if they take the time to try.



Children's Cartooning Teacher

I studied animation and illustration at UVU and SLCC and have been drawing my whole life. For me, cartooning is the strongest medium in communicating powerful stories and dynamic characters. I thoroughly enjoy abstracting bodies and environments to create intriguing visual stories. I currently have a small art business where I sell commissions and my own designs! When I'm not drawing you can finding me climbing a mountain with my little family, teaching yoga, or talking somebody's ear off about yoga.



Adult/Children's Cartooning Teacher

Eleora is a cartoonist and illustrator whose vibrant style captures a fantastic world of color and magic. Hailing from Salt Lake City, she grew up playing tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and has sought to capture the wild adventurous spirit of fantasy. Harnessing the power of digital art, but also possessing proficiency in physical media, she regularly works on commission pieces that run the range of cosplay caricatures to loving puppy portraits. She also makes unique fashion jewelry from animal bones and beads. You can reach her online at or follow her on any major social media platform @eleoradraws.



Adult Drawing Teacher

My name is Jessie Parker I am originally from California and moved to Utah to pursue a career in art where  I graduated with a BFA in Illustration at UVU. Being in school was an environment I really thrived in so I am very grateful I get to come back in an educational setting being the teacher! I believe getting a grasp on the techniques of drawing greatly improves your expression in all other mediums and is a crucial step in creating compelling work. I am looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned and watching my students grow!



Adult Pottery Teacher
Studio Assistant

Natalie is an interdisciplinary artist who grew up in the mountains of Colorado. Graduating with a BA in Studio arts and psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder, with her specialty
being in oil painting, acrylic, gouache, and wheel throwing. She has been working as a freelance artist and teacher in Salt Lake City for the past year. She has worked with Art Access Utah as a
drawing mentor in their partners program, as well as a teaching artist for elementary age kids in a non-traditional classroom setting. Natalie’s personal portfolio focuses on abstract figure and
portrait work, as well as color theory and expression in a bold and expressive style.



Children's Art/Pottery Teacher

Hello! My name is Chyna I am an artist in Salt Lake City and I specialize in watercolors, oil and digital design. I have been creating art as long as I can remember and it has been my one constant passion over the years. If I am not currently creating I am thinking about my next project. I have been teaching for over 8 years now and really love to help others grow skills in something I am so passionate about. I am so excited to be part of Art Haus!



Children's Pottery Teacher

Randee Lee is a Salt Lake City based ceramic artist in the evening and a 3rd grade teacher during the day. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2014 and is expected to complete her master’s degree in curriculum design this December. From 2015 to 2017 she served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama. She’s been throwing pottery since junior high and currently sells her work on Besides pottery, snowboarding and her kitty boy, Grr, are her other loves in life. 

art teacher Chloe


Adult Watercolor Teacher

Hi I’m Chloe! I teach kids painting and drawing classes. I’ve always loved art, as a little kid if I wasn’t out climbing trees I was scribbling away in one of my sketchbooks. I took that love with me to college where I majored in studio art with an emphasis on painting and drawing. I got to try out several new mediums in college including mural painting and printmaking. I have recently gotten back into printmaking and have been enjoying it as a new hobby. I really love working with the kiddos to help foster that love of art into the next generation.

hanna bowen.jpg


Children's Pottery Teacher

My name is Hanna Bowen and I am a ceramic artist teaching at Art Haus. I was drawn to art from a young age, from finger painting to making mud pies in the backyard. I have always found art as a great way to express myself. I started ceramic classes in 2010 and haven't been able to stay away since. I earned my Bachelor's of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics and a minor in Sculpture from the University of Utah in 2021. I'm always excited to share my love of art with others and help them express themselves as well.

See some of my art at:

Nancy hoodes.JPG


Children's Pottery Teacher

I’ve been a student at arthaus for about 5 years now. I love all thing earth and art which is why pottery and ceramics is my love language. When I’m not working at the studio, I am an Language Arts teacher at Salt Lake Arts Academy. I love to camp, be in the desert, and spend time with my partner and pets!

sage olsen.jpeg


Children's Pottery Teacher

Hello! My name is Sage Olsen I’m from Salt Lake City, UT and recently graduated from Utah State with a fine arts degree! While in Logan my love for art and ceramics grew! I’ve loved everything about ceramics, being put into the present moment and creating what I love! The therapeutic qualities ceramics gives me is why I gravitate towards it. I am extremely excited to be at the Art Haus and see what all the creative young minds make. Also very excited to see how everyone around me will help impact my own artistic journey.

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