All of our teachers bring valuable experience and dedication to the classroom. We work on bringing the best individualized educational experience. We keep our class sizes small so that our instructors can work with each student one on one.

Our incredible team is truly the heart of Art Haus. It’s their dedication, passion and artistic talent that keeps students invested in the learning process. Take a look below to learn more about the team.



Children's Drawing / Painting Teacher
Adult Pottery Teacher

Stephanie is an artist and owner of Art Haus in Salt Lake City. She specializes in watercolor, pottery, and fine arts design as well as art education for both children and adults. Stephanie studied fine arts at the Petersen’s Art Center in Salt Lake City for 13 years and was a children’s art instructor there for 10 years before opening Art Haus in 2016.



Studio Assistant / Receptionist
Children's Pottery Teacher

My name is Hayley. I am the receptionist at Art Haus. My whole life I have been creating art. I started creating music when I was 8 and continued to pursue music until I graduated high school. While I was in college I was desperate for an art outlet so I started wheel throwing to fulfill an art credit and I have been hooked ever since. Art Haus is the perfect place to make art and make friends. Art Haus is such a wonderful community and I am so excited to join the Art Haus team.



Children's Pottery Teacher

I grew up in Arizona and Colorado and have since lived all over the country. I have loved and been interested in art my entire life. When I am actively creating, whether it be painting, drawing, photography, or molding something out of clay, I am a happier and a more balanced person. What I love even more is when I get to create art with my four sweet children! I received formal training at the Kansas City Art Institute and at BYU-Hawaii. When my oldest child was starting school years ago I realized quickly that my kids wouldn’t enjoy the same art education I had during my formative years unless I found it outside of their schools or, better yet, taught them myself. I began teaching community art classes for children and adults years ago and have loved watching as my young students grow into magnificent artists and as my adult students discover a love for artistic expression. I am passionate about teaching art because it inspires confidence in all aspects of life.



Adult Oil Painting Teacher

Justin has been honing his skills as an artist for many years and specializes in oil painting and drawing. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in Illustration. After completing his BA, he attended the drawing program at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy before pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Painting at the Academy of Art University where he graduated with honors.
Throughout his journey he has painted and drawn all types of subjects. “I enjoy painting anything and everything but landscape painting helps me satisfy my innate desire to wander and observe. The thing I love most about being an artist is the way I am able to study a subject in great visual detail. When you study something for the many hours required to create a good drawing or painting you notice the intricate details and intimate subtleties of a subject.”
Justin has taught many students how to draw and paint in in a variety of casual and formal settings acting as an instructor and a mentor. “ I thoroughly enjoy seeing someone work hard and improve their skills. It has been my pleasure to offer instruction and guidance to dedicated students.” He has experience with instructional design and has led students through sequential instruction and exercises to efficiently help them build proficiency and knowledge in a variety of subjects. He has experience with e-learning, traditional classroom, and atelier settings. “Giving students the opportunity to learn from visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experiences is crucial in learning how to be a skilled artist.”

elena roush.jpg


Adult Watercolor Teacher

I am Ukrainian-American artist. I was born in Ukraine on August 6, 1958 and now permanently resides in United States. I consider myself an international artist, because during my lifetime I visited 20 countries on business and as a tourist. I am also well-known fashion designer and artist in Ukraine and I am a Member of the Confederation of Designer and Stylist of Ukraine.
I obtained my M.A. degree at the Kiev Technological Light Industry Institute in 1982. I also took classes at School of Arts directed by A. Godunov in Ukraine. There i studied drawing and painting (oil and watercolor) in the studio and outdoors ( portraits, landscapes, still lives, etc)

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Adult Pottery Teacher

I am a pottery instructor at Art Haus in Salt Lake City. I have practiced oil painting, printmaking, welding and ceramics. You can visit my website at
I started doing pottery in high school, I struggled with the wheel but found a love for hand building. I always had an interest in the arts starting with music at a young age. 
After high school I withdrew myself from art. Only when I found myself at Weber State University, in 2014 I found myself back exploring the visual arts. After encouragement from a professor I changed my major to the fine arts, and I finally learned how to throw, and I spent most of my semester helping the new students with their first week of throwing and friends who didn’t trust themselves on the wheel. While being a student, I have worked in an art gallery as an assistant, and as the director of the Shepherd Union Art Gallery. I graduated from the program in 2018, after having many work experiences in the pottery studio at Weber State.
I have always found pottery to be meditative and relaxing. It is something I hope to pass on to my students.

headshot Allyson.jpg


Adult Drawing Teacher

Allyson Terry is a recent Arts graduate from Dixie State University, and has a passion for concept design and illustration.  Allyson grew up loving to tell stories.  She loved to write, and quickly found that art and animation created the same effect of immersing readers and viewers into a world separate from their own. Art became her new vessel for telling stories, and with that challenge Allyson's aim has been to put as much life, passion, and creativity into her art in hopes of inspiring others to find their own passions. 
During her time in college, she illustrated a children's book for her Biology Department's STEM Outreach program.  Since then, her dream has been to write and illustrate her own graphic novel.   
Currently Allyson is pursuing a second passion of hers as well: teaching as an instructor at an elementary charter school.  Through teaching, Allyson hopes to keep herself constantly open to learning new things and continually improving her artistic abilities.



Adult Pottery Teacher

I have studied and practiced ceramics since high school. I was grateful to live near and attend Utah State University, which has one of the best ceramics programs in the west. It was there that my love for functional ceramics was redefined as I studied various clay bodies and firing techniques. I take inspiration from the natural forms and textures I see in the world around me to use in my work. In the last year I've had the new opportunity to teach ceramics classes at Arthaus and it's been amazing to interact with the students and artists as we learn from each other.



Workshop Instructor/ Studio Assistant

I am a ceramic artist and teacher. I have been creating wheel thrown ceramics on and off since 1993. I enjoy creating beautifully thrown functional forms in stoneware and porcelain. I’m particularly in love with surface decorations; in adding that extra depth, texture and interest to my pieces.

I get a lot of joy and satisfaction teaching new potters at the wheel and teaching experienced potters about decorations techniques. This fall I will be teaching a 6 week course in surface decorations for the fourth time.

I believe community is so important and I choose to make my community in the company of the creative, artistic, interesting, warm people who have found a home at Arthaus.



Children's Cartooning Teacher

I studied animation and illustration at UVU and SLCC and have been drawing my whole life. For me, cartooning is the strongest medium in communicating powerful stories and dynamic characters. I thoroughly enjoy abstracting bodies and environments to create intriguing visual stories. I currently have a small art business where I sell commissions and my own designs! When I'm not drawing you can finding me climbing a mountain with my little family, teaching yoga, or talking somebody's ear off about yoga.



Children's Art Teacher

Melanie is an artist with a BFA in painting and drawing who has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, and development in the gaming industry. She is also a musician and teaches private music lessons in voice and piano. Melanie really enjoys the rewarding nature of teaching and watching her student's skill and confidence grow.



Children's Pottery/Art Teacher

Emily Rives is a Fine Artist originally from Texas, who has been making art since she could hold a paint brush. She received her BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, where she was the studio monitor for the woodshop and sculpture studio. In Florida, Emily worked at the Crossley Gallery as the Co-Director, and later taught middle school art (grades 6-8) in Orlando. Emily has exhibited in almost two dozen exhibitions, and has been published in magazines and newspapers, most recently Voyage Magazine. She recently relocated here to Salt Lake City, where she is continuing her studio practice of constructing blueprints of architectural spaces she has occupied, and simplifying them to the point where they can no longer fulfill their intended purpose if constructed three dimensionally. She does this through using materials often thought of as fragile and feminine, such as embroidery, weaving, and drawing, and merging them with images of hard, sturdy, man-made buildings to challenge our position in space, and raise the question of how the human body, and the physical space in which it resides, inform one another. 

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