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Watercolor Materials Purchase

Watercolor Materials Purchase

This is an add on to the watercolor painting class. If you would like Art Haus to provide the materials for the class please purchase this package. This will cover the cost for 1 month of materials. The following materials are provided during class with this purchase:




-2 small water jars: lids optional

-Watercolor paper pad
Cold press or rough in texture
Recommended brands: Winsor Newton, Arches, Canson
12”x18” or larger


-Brushes: synthetic brushes made specifically for watercolor
1 medium sized flat brush
1 medium sized round brush
1 small round detail brush

-Masking tape or artists tape

-Color wheel: can be purchased or hand painted

-Watercolor paint set: 7-12 colors recommended

Note, a small range of colors is not a bad thing, because it will teach you to mix colors instead. When buying a set don’t spend a ton of money on a huge range of colors!
Examples: Winsor Newton Blue Box, Arteza pocket set, Van Gogh 12 pan set


-Old rag or cloth



  • Refund Policy

    No refunds. Please see Art Haus enrollment form. You can also call us (801) 215-9468 or email with questions. 

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